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eHealth Innovation in Telecare!

Here is an good piece of story on eHealth innovation ocurring south of the border in US.

eHealth and Web 2.0: The doctor will tweet you now

Here is the simple concept, you as a patient can connect with a doctor(supposedly in the same group practice or hospital) via video conferencing, VOIP and who has access to your health records.  It sounds pretty convenient isn’t it ?

The service is provided by American Well and the company is targeting health plans who can offer this as a differentiator compared to other health plans.  Canadian Extended Health Plan ( To my US friends, YES it does exist in Canada and there is extended private health insurance in Canada for services not covered by public health plans)  providers please take note.

So what’s happening in Canada on the Public Health Plans?

If  you live in Ontario, check out Ontario Telemedicine Network, a not-for profit organization funded by Govt. of Ontario seems to provide similar services.   I have never had a chance as a healthcare consumer to experience the service at a primary care level with my family doctor.

I will find out and report where and how they use it and how do the providers have access to clinical records in such a centrally managed solution.