Month: October 2010

Sanofi-Aventis announces first iPhone integrated Glucometer

Sanofi-Aventis, French drug manufacturer and health care solutions provider released  the first seamlessly integrated iPhone blood glucose meter iBGStar. This just came in last week and certainly heralds a new development in managing diabetes.

Some of the highlights of the technology as claimed by Sanofi include,

  • Dynamic Electrochemistry measuring, which increases accuracy in blood glucose reading.  I am not an expert on this, so I will let you figure out from what you can infer from the video and the benefits and so forth.
  • iPhone or iPod Touch integration:  This is really innovative  as increasing number of people are carrying smartphones and that number is only growing.   No information on where do Android or Blackberry app stands in their road map.  Good to start as iPhone or iPod and covers roughly 1/3rd of the smart phone users.   The iPhone / iPod Touch app is soon to be released in the app store and I look forward to downloading it and analyzing the user experience aspect of the app design.
  • Comment from App Shopper: “There are currently a number of apps available for diabetics to help track and monitor blood glucose levels, though none offer an iPhone-specific accessory for direct blood glucose level measurement”. In my humbe opinion, this is where they hit the nail on an innovative solution.

Saravana Rajan