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One Source for Meaningful Use from HIMSS

As a leading authority on appropriate use and implementation of Healthcare IT, HIMSS has created single go to location to understand A to Z about Meaningful Use

Here is the link to One Source Meaningful Use Compendium.

Devour all you need to know about Meaningful Use, its better (or bitter) than Chocolate 🙂

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Upcoming important Healcare IT Events in Canada

September 8, 2010

1. ITAC Health / MEDEC Patient Management Software Conference

Given the recent Health Canada’s rules on medical device classification rules  and the requirement for all patient management to be certified as class II has an impact on vendors/distributors selling products in Canada.

This is quite an important event for both the customers and vendors to understand the new requirements and network with others who are undergoing the process.

October 4-6, 2010

IT Healthcare Canada conference and exhibition

This event is organized by Ontario HIMSS chapter and the first time the chapter is organizing an event of this size, which is quite an amazing feet.  Kudos to the organizers and I wish them all the success.

Plus: Low registration fee and you can network with regional health leaders to understand where eHealth is marching towards in Canada.

Saravana Rajan

Microsoft quits EMR/HIS market in US

Here is the latest from Microsoft, the horizontal heavyweight, who entered the healthcare vertical with the acquisition of Global2000’s HIS product.

Microsoft is to stop selling its Amalga HIS and John’s @ Chilmark analysis and why its the right move for Microsoft.   I agree that EMR / HIS  is a mature market with healthcare vertical heavyweights like Cerner, McKesson , Meditech and industry darling Epic.

EMR / HIS market entry through acquisition from a foreign player looked never feasible given how healthcare delivery is unique to each country with the regulations,  structure ( public versus private), clinical workflows and business processes associated with it.  Even between US and Canada there is quite a difference though Meditech has significant presence in both countries due to various reasons.

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Meaningful Use – Stage 1 final rule

Healthcare IT is quite brimming with lots of activities with the healthcare stimulus package in the US through ARRA and HITECT act and deadline looming (effective from October 2010) for healthcare providers(hospitals, group practitioners, imaging centers) and eligible professionals (physicians) to get their slice of the pie.

We saw a piece of action today from  US Centers for Medical and Medicaid Services with their release of final rule for Stage 1 Meaningful Use requirements and a coordinated release of final rule of Standards/Implementation Spec and Criteria for certification for EHR and  from US Dept of HHS.

Here are some updates on final ruling of “Meaningful Use”,

  1. US dept of HHS and ONC have released their final rule for meaningful use.  Check this link and this.
  2. Dr. John Halamka’s impression on the final Meaningful Use rules.  overall he is impressed with the final rulings and the scope.
  3. New England Journal of medicine’s summary of the final rule – Here is the table of rule from NEJM
  4. Healthcare IT vendors welcome the final rule – of course – industry is going to get even busier with the set targets for the years 2010 and 2010

    Summary overview of Meaningful Use Objectives

My brief and quick analysis:

1. Coordinated release of Meaningful Use and Standards requirements final rule

While the meaningful use represents the functional requirements ( the WHAT piece)  that has to be met by the providers, the coordinated release of HHS final rule on standards, implementation specification and certification criteria ( the HOW piece) is a commendable job by the people at CMS and HHS.

For example there are requirements in final meaningful use on submitting immunization and laboratory data to public health agencies and providing patients with timely access to their electronic health data

HHS final rule on standards requires using existing penetrated (both from providers, vendors and available resources in the market perspective) standards like HL7 version 2.3.1, 2.5, HL7 CDA to accomplish exchange of information between providers and public health agencies and transferring data to patients.

This enables the providers, vendors to use existing standards to reach compliance on various functional requirements in meaningful use from a technical perspective.

I will follow up with frequent updates as I consume the bulk documents on meaningful use and HHS standards requirements and the nuances of implementation requirements.

Exciting times ahead in the Healthcare IT industry indeed and also I am starting to lead a delivery work on an eReferral project in the province of Ontario to enable physicians to refer patients to their specialist electronically rather than current way of phone calls, faxes and hodgepodge of activities.


Saravana Rajan

Health 2.0 Developer Challenge

Health 2.0 organization has announced a developer challenge with support from US Department of Health Human Services and Community Health Data Initiative (CHDI) for all independent software vendors, healthcare IT developers and subject matter experts to build innovative healthcare solutions.

The announcement reads “With newly opened government data sets and lightweight frameworks for rapid application development, we have a unique opportunity to participate in an ecosystem of data “suppliers” and “appliers” to build innovative tools to improve personal and population health”.

This sounds very similar to the CIHI (Canadian Institute for Health Information) in Canada, which is a govt. funded organization that analyzes data from the ecosystem of healthcare providers and community organizations  to report and improve personal and population health.

Check it out @ http://health2challenge.org/

“The Magical Vanishing EHR” – WIHIR seminar for Jan 2010

Wish you all a Happy New Year 2010 and Happy New Decade !

1.  A New Year always starts with predictions and here is the funny one I saw on Healthcare 2010 predictions, 2010 HIT predictions from Healthcare Informatics Blog

2. First of the predictions of acquisition has already been announced, although its in the PACS space: AMICAS got acquired by private equity firm.

WIHIR – Waterloo Institute for Health Informatics Research is hosting Doug Tessier of Senior VP of eHealth Ontario

for the Jan 2010 seminar titled “The Magical Vanishing EHR”. The topic is intriguing and expecting good insights as well! Register at Infranet, if you have the time.