Month: September 2009

3D comes to Electronic Health Record


While 3D is making a comeback in movies and entertainment business to get viewers back to theaters or to provide a new experience,  3D enters Electronic Health Record business as well.

Nhumi Technologies in Denmark recently released a demo version (currently being tested in a hospital) of 3D EHR .  Here is the press release from big blue, who is partnering with Nhumi to commercialize the technology.   It’s not clear yet, when will the technology get introduced in North America.

So what’s the under the hood of this product ?

Nhumi website states that their 3D EHR uses Primal Pictures derived from the Visible Human project in US and specific information derived from the patient’s medical history is added to personalize the model.

Where the technology scores is presenting visible image, which is really worth more than 1000 words.  But it has to be seen whether the model is flexible and programmable enough to personalize using patient’s health information.  I am looking forward to HIMSS 2010 to get a demo of this solution if it gets presented.

And sure this will be a slick demo in trade shows compared to other EHR solutions.  Will patients be interested to see their personal health record in anatomical model ? I will be very interested. Microsoft HealthVault or ICW LifeSensor and other PHR vendors please note.

State of Health Information Exchanges in America

There is a news from HealthBridge Health Information Exchange(HIE) that they can exchange data with other HIE’s enabling mult-region information exchange as a pioneer to national electronic health record in the US.

The PR from HealthBridge adds on that with this type of exchange “for example, if a baby goes to a hospital in Indianapolis, doctors at her pediatrician’s office in Bloomington(another region) can now access her current medical information, including test results and radiology notes – so the information follows the patient.”

Health Information Exchange

Kudos to organizations like HealthBridge for enabling a vision of Electronic Health Record(EHR) on a regional basis in America when this type of information exchanges are hardly scratching the surface compared to other OECD nations. Out of 6000 or so hospitals in America only 50 or hospitals are connected to a HIE, that’s barely and not even scratching the surface in this market. Though there is lot of talk to enable HIE for several years now.  ARRA spending might change that in the next few year similar to the Canada Health Infoway spending(~ 2billionCAD) on HIE that simulated the Canadian HIE market few years ago.

Another report that was released in July 09 about the State of Health Information Exchanges,shows that most of the initiatives are still reliant on federal support contrary to what the report claims. Just because that 6 less organizations(compared to 2008) are not reliant on federal government support, you can’t really conclude that organizations are not reliant on federal government. Given the ARRA spending that’s coming out more and more HIE initiatives are going to be relying on federal funding.

So there will be more HIE activity in the coming years resulting in busy / boom market for HIE enabling vendors like ICW, GE, Karos Health, Cisco, Microsoft etc., in the coming years.