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3D comes to Electronic Health Record


While 3D is making a comeback in movies and entertainment business to get viewers back to theaters or to provide a new experience,  3D enters Electronic Health Record business as well.

Nhumi Technologies in Denmark recently released a demo version (currently being tested in a hospital) of 3D EHR .  Here is the press release from big blue, who is partnering with Nhumi to commercialize the technology.   It’s not clear yet, when will the technology get introduced in North America.

So what’s the under the hood of this product ?

Nhumi website states that their 3D EHR uses Primal Pictures derived from the Visible Human project in US and specific information derived from the patient’s medical history is added to personalize the model.

Where the technology scores is presenting visible image, which is really worth more than 1000 words.  But it has to be seen whether the model is flexible and programmable enough to personalize using patient’s health information.  I am looking forward to HIMSS 2010 to get a demo of this solution if it gets presented.

And sure this will be a slick demo in trade shows compared to other EHR solutions.  Will patients be interested to see their personal health record in anatomical model ? I will be very interested. Microsoft HealthVault or ICW LifeSensor and other PHR vendors please note.