Month: March 2010

HIMSS 2010!

With HIMSS 2010 wrapping up today in Atlanta, here are few links to blogs and podcasts that sums up 2010.

John Halamka, MD – Podcast on what’s the buzz and difference he saw this HIMSS.

Healthcare IT Mashup – Sums up this year HIMSS conference with a good summary on key note speeches by John Halamka and Adam Bosworth of Keas.

Here are the highlights that I liked,

  • “There will be no partial reimbursement for meeting just part of meaningful use.  Its all or nothing folks. ” by John Halamka
  • Consumer empowerment through Healthcare IT

“There is no demand for EHRs, demand today is artificially derived through incentives. Today’s EHRs are not easy to use, are not intuitive and there has yet to be a proven and repeatable model for ROI.

In every industry there are methods for direct data transfer between entities.  There are no “regional exchanges” to assist with data transfer so why are we focusing on building regional HIEs? In healthcare if doctors could only have access to two things, they would choose labs and meds. Bosworth claims that between SureScripts, LabCore and Quest, we have those basic needs met” by Adam Bosworth.