Month: September 2012

Less is More!

I am back after a brief hiatus from posting on this blog due to my full time work commitments. And back in the entrepreneurial world, looking to fail more frequently and dust up and get up and try again. 

One of the things that I notice through my various engagements are that MORE is often the norm everywhere you look at – more POP, more Features, more Points, more Money etc., etc.,. Its all about MORE.  Do we need MORE of everything and does more leads to deeper value and meaningful experiences or superficial or ephemeral outcomes?  Are customers looking for deeper and meaningful experiences from their products(Google Docs) that provides a very high sense of accomplishment or are they looking to get stuck in the myriads of features leading to loss of productivity and often very poor sense of accomplishment aka MS Word. 

Contrarians like Less Everything and 37 Signals have built successful products and services by focusing on the LESS and Less is More design. From a design perspective, Less is really More and Apple, the most valuable company on Earth does it exceptionally well. 

My focus on the next few months is going to be about Less is More, Lean and Agile, a more realistic approach to build exceptionally great products.  Hoping to keep you engaged and interested in my journey into Agile, Lean and Less (ALL)!