Waterloo Region startups at RSNA 2011

RSNA 2011 is winding down today and is undoubtedly the biggest conference for Radiologists and  Solution providers for radiologists all over the world.  As RSNA 2011 is winding down, it is key to step back and visualize how Radiology as a patient care service is evolving and how technology and innovation in imaging informatics is helping and leading the evolution of Radiology.

From Health Imaging’s excellent cover story on The Future of Radiology, Radiologists are evolving in to a role of “Clinical Partners” and “Strategic Planners” rather than just a specialist who effectively interpreted a study and reported on that.  Radiologists are expected to collaborate with referring physicians, oncologists and other clinicians to differentiate their service value and at the same time act as strategic planners in the changing environment of accountable care organizations(ACO).  Technology innovation is the key underpinning of that collaboration and strategic planning.

So what’s that to do with Waterloo Region startups at RSNA 2011, you may ask.  Of the 700 or more companies that exhibited at RSNA 2011, there were three startups – Client Outlook, Karos Health and Medicalis –  from Waterloo Region and all three are leading innovators in directly enabling radiologists, clinicians and health care providers to evolve Radiology and patient centered care into the future.  Here is the brief look into each company and their presence at RSNA 2011.

Client Outlook:

Client Outlook, led by husband and wife team of Steve and Brenda Rankin, is enabling access to medical image access to all clinicians seamlessly and collaborate with the performance desired by clinicians.  You may think what’s so cool and unique about that.  Well if you have lived in the world of clinicians and their experience in getting access to clinical images for providing better care for patients you will know their pain.  Getting access to diagnostic images and collaboration with peers was as hard or nearly impossible as fixing your own dashboard and steering wheel on the car you bought from a reputed car manufacturer.

Now Client Outlook‘s eUnity solution essentially allows the clinicians to have an exemplary imaging viewer with slick performance on their tool of choice (ipads, android powered tablets, or any browser technology you name it) and also it doesn’t matter what PACS technology is used by the hospital or healthcare provider.  Client Outlook had a bigger presence than last year and had an excellent response from their targeted customers at the show.  Here is a busy Client Outlook’s team at RSNA 2011.

Karos Health:

Karos Health led by Rick Stroobosscher and Michel Pawlicz is enabling clinical information exchange and storage networks to evolve healthcare and patient centered continuum of care from the current inefficient models. Though Karos Health has their roots in Radiology, their solution has benefits beyond radiology and wherever clinical information exchange is required to meet meaningful use requirements or to enable patient care coordination.

Karos introduced a new product at RSNA 2011, named Rialto Keystone, an intelligence platform to efficiently deploy and optimize a clinical or health information exchange network.  From my 10 year long experience in health informatics, I have to say that I have never come across such a solution that provides visual intelligence to evaluate and optimize your clinical information exchanges.  Here is photo from their booth at RSNA 2011.


Medicalis is a very interesting company and were way ahead of their customers in technology for years. Medicalis provides Clinical Decision Support solutions for Radiologists, their practices and payors in the world of ACOs.  Medicalis had a very big presence at RSNA 2011 and a quick chat with their management revealed that their leadership in technology for years is reaping rewards now as their customers are rapidly embracing their clinical decision support solutions in the current healthcare environment and context.

Medicalis also presented their cloud based decision support solution DS Cloud that they introduced earlier this year at AHIP.


Kudos to all the innovative exhibitors at RSNA 2011 and look forward to see more companies from Waterloo next year.

Full Disclosure: I don’t have any working contract or investments with the companies mentioned above and all are lead by very good friends and ex colleagues in the industry, who are visionary leaders and innovators and represent the entrepreneurial DNA in Waterloo Region.

Saravana Rajan


One thought on “Waterloo Region startups at RSNA 2011

  1. I am an advocate of pvdiroing immediate access to diagnostic imaging results to patients. One question that is often brought up is whether or not there should be a built in lag time to allow the referring provider to digest the interpretation before being blind-sided by the patient to discuss results. Is this antiquated professional courtesy or will the needs of the data hungry health consumer trump age-old formalities?Also, you had mentioned the mandated mammography letter to patients. Will it be radiology’s responsibility to convert a clinical document intended to serve as a clinical consultation to a document that can be read and understood at the 5th grade level? This is akin to the push to have financial statements and prospectus be rewritten in a way that the average consumer can understand what is going on. Radiology IT is poised to get this right but it will take some time to strike an amicable balance between all of the parties that have a stake in this game we call health care.

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