Can enterprise software and IT be sexy ?

When was the last time you were irate to use a software application ?

I bet it wouldn’t be long ago and you face this every day and most probably it was at your work.

Why enterprise applications are the way they are – grey, not intuitive, slow, outdated and takes you back to 80’s ?  There have been many swipes on enterprise applications from user experience designers – very rarely enterprises have such a role! – and savvy saas application providers.  Here is a swipe from a sexy company 37Signals and I agree.

Why Enterprise Software Sucks ? from 37Signals

“The people who buy enterprise software aren’t the people who use enterprise software. That’s where the disconnect begins. And it pulls and pulls and pulls until the user experience is split from the buying experience so severely that the software vendors are building for the buyers, not the users. The experience takes a back seat to the feature list, future promises, and buzz words.”

Is this just an user experience problem ?

Well, user experience is one of the problem on the way how enterprise software applications are purchased or designed if it is designed in house, however, I think the real problem lies in the secret sauce of strategizing, leading, planning, developing and deploying IT systems and in a whole running an IT department.

So what is the secret sauce that can make enterprise software and IT sexy again?

How come new software vendors and saas based product companies churn out sexy software and new features at an incredible pace with probably less than half the resources ?

Why enterprise really have to struggle it out to complete a project successfully, even if it is a project based on a commercial off the shelf(COTS) product ?

More to come…

Saravana Rajan


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