mobile health: iPhone goes enterprise in Canadian Hospital

Mobile health hits the road with iPhone, where Palm once a good position and Blackberry to failed to utilize the opportunity and iPhone is expected to roar with success.   That’s innovation given iPhone’s usability, which is very “vital” for Healthcare.

Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto created a mobile patient chart application in iPhone  accessing data from 66 different applications.  I guess that this was an year long project  instead of the usual norm of  multi-year projects given the amount of stakeholder engagement and legal regulations surrounding patient privacy and security, which in itself is a commendable achievement.

Also a common scenario in many hospitals today is too many devices and desktops and smartphones used by clinicians as quoted in the Canadian Healthcare article.

“He(CIO of Mount Sinai) also noticed that clinicians were accessing too many devices – cell phones and smartphones, pagers, large, clunky nurse-call devices, plus desktop computers at various workstations. Far better, he realized, to have one device that could serve as a gateway to everything. And the more portable the device, the better. That’s where the Apple iPhone came in. ” Source: Canadian Healthcare

It will be interesting to find out, whether the clinicians access it as single application with relevant sets of data(from the 66 different applications) for a patient and context sharing between them instead of 66 different iPhone applications.

The VitalHub project is getting turned into a business, to commercialize the solution and offer the iPhone accessible Patient Chart to other numerous interested hospitals.

Saravana Rajan


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