Day: July 2, 2009

Benefits of e-Health system: good coverage by CBC

eHealth Portal - potential benefits

Good coverage on CBC this morning, with a series of videos on what does it mean to have an electronic access to healthcare information for patients, family members and care providers (clinicians).

Please check out the metro morning reports at CBC’s website

So what made the CBC and its talented reporters to focus on what e-Health means to the Canadian public ?

As stated in the CBC‘s website this specific feature on collaborative nature of the technology “e-health portal would allow family members to not only see their lab tests on line but to share the information with each other” , is key piece to puzzle in managing chronic diseases in this province.

That’s BANG ON. As consumers we collaborate online using facebook, myspace, twitter, linkedin etc., and we are limited to do the same when it comes to our own healthcare as the data needed lies with in the walls of hospitals, clinics, doctors offices and most of it in PAPER.

Kudos to CBC! on expanding the horizons on e-health coverage and educating the public on what this could mean to Canadian citizens and especially their loved ones, who are suffering from chronic diseases like diabetes, COPD, cardiac related illness or cancer.

As I heard on the CBC radio one this morning, chronic diseases requires discipline in management from the patient and care provider and a colloborative portal absolutely benefits by increasing the efficiency of the care plan catered uniquely to each patient.

I cannot agree more and there are pilot projects that were executed in Ontario, Canada by various family health teams and Ontario Telemedicine Network to prove the clinical outcomes.